Wireless Earbuds Review


Compared with headphones with extension cable, true wireless earbuds provide you more freedom and flexibility. The earbuds without cords allow you to have more choices in various situations. It?s possible for you to wear the wireless earbuds for work out in gym. You can put your music player or mobiles a feet away while doing exercise. Basically since Bluetooth was invented, the connection with your mobiles has changed. Wireless earbuds also are named as wireless Bluetooth earbuds, which explicitly indicate the wireless earbuds are connected with the music player or mobiles via Bluetooth.

What Are the Best Wireless Earbuds for Android and iphone?

There are large quantities of wireless earbuds brands in the market. Those best wireless earbuds have the common features like superior audio quality for the best music experience and highly sensitive Mic. Those best wireless earbuds with Mic offer you the best calling and recording experience, and are compatible with both Android and iPhone.

The Best Expensive Wireless Earbuds – Beats Powerbeats Pro Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Powerbeats Pro is one of the true wireless earbuds Beats. This type of wireless earbuds is built in to revolutionize your workouts. Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds battery life allows you to listen to music continually for up to 9 hours. The sweat and water proof design of the true wireless earbuds allow you to do the toughest workouts. There are volume and track controls on each earbuds, so you don?t need to adjust the music volume by your mobile or other devices any more. The earbuds have voice capacity, and can play and pause automatically. With noise cancelling capacity, wear them to stay in your own world. These wireless earbuds also have voice assistant. Simply say ?Hey Siri?? to the earbuds without having to reach for your phone to see what will happen.

The Best Affordable Wireless Earbuds – ZURURU TWS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0

ZURURU TWS earbuds are wireless Bluetooth earbuds which pair with your devices through Bluetooth 5.0. ZURURU TWS wireless earbuds price is under $50, which is the affordable and reasonable price for mass users. You may consider cheap wireless earbuds mean the lack of features or bad quality. See following features:

  • One-step Wireless Earbuds Paring – ZURURU TWS Bluetooth wireless earbuds can connect your phone by Bluetooth within 10 seconds. The earbuds begin to activate after you take them out from the wireless earbuds charger case.
  • TWS Wireless Earbuds Sound Quality – The earbuds export high quality 3D deep base music to their users. Stereo surround sound allows you to enjoy the extreme music experience.
  • Seatproof & Waterproof Wireless Earbuds for Workout – The waterproof wireless earbuds allow you to do the toughest exercise due to its waterproof and sweatproof property.
  • Wireless Eabuds for Android and iphone – The earbuds are designed to match blue-enabled iPhone and Android cells. Bluetooth 5.0 automatic paring technology is adopted in the earbuds. It is compatible with all the popular Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Answering Phone Calls-The earbuds have mic equipped on them, so they are also the perfect wireless earbuds for phone calls.
  • Waterproof & Sweatproof Design – The earbuds allow you to sweat in the gym or run in through the rain. The materials of the earbuds are possible to resist sweat and weather.
  • Long Battery Life-The wireless earbuds with long battery life support 3-hour music playing, and it just takes 1-2 hour to be fully charged.
  • Comfortable and Stable Wireless Earbuds – The earbuds are engineered to fit in your ears comfortably and tightly. It will not fall out during all activities and workouts.
  • Easy to Carry – There is no wires connected between earbuds. It is stored in a secure portable charging case, so it is easy and convenient for your take them to move around in your active day.
  • Touch Control – One button to control media and phone calls, you could track forward/ backward, volume +/ – and answer/ reject phone calls.

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