How to pair the H39PLUS watch with H Band app?

To pair your tracker with H Band app, please visit our getting started page or search “H Band” in the App store to download and install the app to your smartphone.

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  2. Open H Band App, at the first launch after installation, it will show an app permission request, please allow ALL the accesses.
  3. Sign up and login to the app, enter your personal information and perform settings.
  4. Tap the “Scanning Equipment” button in the app to scan for your device.
  5. Select the corresponding Bluetooth address of your watch to bind it with the app (The Bluetooth address can be viewed in About Devices in the watch by sliding down the home screen and tap Device Information ( i )).
  6. If the H Band app cannot detect your H39PLUS, try reconnecting Bluetooth on your smartphone and scanning again.
  7. Once the pairing is successful, the “My device” section on the “Mine” page of the app will change from “Disconnected” to “H39PLUS” Your watch’s records will then be synced to the app, and the time and date will be updated automatically.

Warm tips:

  1. One watch can only be paired with one smartphone at a time, and one app can only connect with one watch simultaneously. Make sure your watch is not bound to any other device like iPad and that it is not currently connected to other Bluetooth devices. Turn off the Bluetooth on nearby devices and attempt pairing again.
  2. Don’t connect your watch directly with Bluetooth on your smartphone, it will impact the connection to the H Band app, if you have already done so, you can unpair it in the Bluetooth setting.
  3. When you see a Bluetooth symbol (-) displayed at the top of your fitness tracker’s screen, it indicates that your watch has been successfully paired with the H Band app.
  4. In case the above steps do not resolve your issue, please visit: Why won’t my zururu fitness tracker pair or sync with app?

Getting Stuck? Feel free to contact our Dedicated Support Team.

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Updated on June 5, 2023