How to charge the ZURURU tracker?

Remove the band

Pull open the strap in 45 degrees and take out the tracker’s body.(Don’t pull horizontally).

Charging the battery

Insert the chip-mounted end of the tracker body into the USB interface to activate the tracker through charging.

A charging icon will appear on the screen when plugged it to a power supply indicating that your tracker is charging correctly, if not, FLIP and plug it again. After charging is completed, LONG PRESS (3 seconds) the Function Key at the bottom of screen to turn on your tracker.

It takes around 1 hour to fully charge the tracker. A full charge will give working time for 5-7 days under normal condition.
No specific charger or messy cable is required. You can charge the fitness tracker with either:

  • USB phone charger
  • USB port on PC or power bank
  • Wall charger or power strip with USB port

Why won’t my tracker charge?

1) The wrong end of the tracker body has been inserted into the USB charger and
2) The gold coloured charging strips on the tracker are not facing the charging contacts inside the USB charger.

If the battery of your fitness tracker has been completely drained and left unused for an extended period, it may take some time for it to engage and start charging.

You can try pressing and holding the control button for a few seconds to initiate the charging process and leave the device connected to the charger for a while.

You can also try charging your fitness tracker with a different USB charger or USB port on your computer. In most cases, allowing the fitness tracker to charge uninterrupted for a while should help it regain enough power to turn on. 

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Updated on September 19, 2023