How to receive SMS/Calls notifications on the fitness tracker?

By following these steps and ensuring the necessary permissions are granted, you can fully utilize the features and notifications of your H98 fitness tracker in conjunction with your smartphone.

1. Your fitness tracker has been successfully paired with the FitCloudPro app on your smartphone.

2. Your fitness tracker remains within the range of your smartphone’s Bluetooth connectivity.

3.The FitCloudPro app should be kept running in the background in your smartphone.

4. You have enabled the Message notification (Device > Push Notifications > Facebook, Whatsapp…). Confirm which apps should send notifications to your watch.

5. You have granted the contacts permission on your smartphone setting.

6. You have granted the phone call permission on your smartphone setting.

7. You have granted the call record permission on your smartphone setting.

Please ensure that your fitness tracker is not in Power Saving Mode. You can toggle this mode by accessing the “Battery” section in the Function interface, under Settings. Additionally, make sure that the device is not in “Do Not Disturb” mode. To check this, slide down the main interface on your fitness tracker and tap the “alarm” icon located at the upper right corner.

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Updated on August 23, 2023