ZURURU Y39 Fitness Tracker


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Main Features

  • Heart rate monitoring and blood pressure monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring
  • GPS routes in App
  • 20 alarms setting
  • Wrist sense
  • Physiological period reminder
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • Find phone
  • H Band APP
(58 customer reviews)


One Screen is Enough

The easy-to-use & color screen Zururu fitness tracker packs all the features you need to monitor your health and exercise even without a mobile phone. Strap it on, keep it on, and go!

Step Counting

It tracks daily walking steps on your wrist, accurately and reliably measures your steps, calculates distance and calories burned.

Heart Rate Monitoring

24/7 continuous heart-rate monitoring, it ensures you’re in the proper heart rate zone when exercising and helps you achieve your fitness goals more efficiently. It also alerts you when your heart rate exceeds the limit you set.

Sleep Tracking

It automatically measures your fall asleep, awake times, light and deep sleep, then review your sleep quality and duration in the App. You’ll get each morning to wake up with light vibrating alarm.

Sedentary Alert

If your tracker senses you haven’t moved in prolonged period of time, it will even remind you to get active!

Smart Notification

Connects to your smartphone and receives notifications for texts, calls and social media.

Camera Control

Turn on remote control camera in APP, you can take photos by shaking the hand, so convenient, brings more fun to you.


IP 68 Waterproof rating allows the fitness tracker to be used in showering, swimming, running and diving up to 3 meters.

Female Health Tracking

Physiological period reminder, it helps you recognize any recurring irregularities and identify menstrual patterns.

Distance Tracking

It automatically tracks the distance you are walking or running. Calculate distance and share your GPS routes in App.

Stop Watch

The built-in Stopwatch feature lets you track the time you spend on each task. Make time tracking easier and more precise.

Kindly Note

Don't wear the tracker too tightly, otherwise it will be bad for the skin and will hinder blood circulation, which will affect the normal work of your tracker.

Key Features

1. Tracking of heart rate, blood pressure, steps, calories burnt, sleeping, distance and duration, goal setting with achievement celebration.

2. Stylish design – HD color screen with 4 different home screen styles, 12-hour or 24-hour time display format. Date, week, steps/heart rate all display on one home screen.

3. Smart notifications right on your wrist – The tracker will vibrate to alert your when there is an incoming phone call, SMS text and SNS messages including Facebook,Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Messenger.

4. IP68 Waterproof – You can wear it when swimming or diving (can’t track swimming data).

5. Sedentary alert – It gives you gentle reminders to stay active throughout the day if you are stationary for too long.

6. Long battery life and no need a charging cable.

7. Remote camera shooting – It takes a photo remotely using your tracker.

More Functions

✔ Heart rate monitoring and blood pressure monitoring

✔ Sleep monitoring

✔ GPS routes in App

✔ 20 alarms setting

✔ Wrist sense

✔ Physiological period reminder

✔ Stopwatch

✔ Countdown timer

✔ Find phone

✔ Disconnection alert

✔ Real-time tracking of heart rate, calories burnt, time, distance in sport mode

✔ Durable, replaceable and washable strap with secure clasp.


Screen: 0.96″ OLED,color screen

Control method:Touch Button

Charge Time: 2 hours

Working Time: 5 – 8 days

Wrist Strap Size: 5.5 inch to 8.3 inch

Require: iOS 7.1 & Android 4.4 above(Smartphone only, not for PC, iPad or Tablet).

Package Include:1 x ZURURU XP Fitness Tracker; 1 x User Manual

Support: Online knowledge base and professional life time technical support. Please check the user guide for details.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 3.5 cm


58 reviews for ZURURU Y39 Fitness Tracker

    Deborah Jean Leonard
    I wanted to keep track of my steps.
    Great fitness tracker for the price! It has long battery life and is so easy to charge! It plugs into any USB charger port, even your PC or laptop. The screen on the fitness tracker is easy to read and helps me with my fitness goals. All in all, this is a great gift for yourself or for others.
    Debbie Page
    At this price I was not expecting a top-notch product like the a $200 Fitbit, but it does work similarly, in other words, you pay 10% of the price and get 90% of the functions. it is very light weight and comfortable to wear, connection to IOS is stable as well. I cannot say too much about the accuracy of some of the data but it does provide data that makes sense to me, my heart rate is at around 72/min based on my Garmin chest band and this band says 71/min so close enough. If you are looking for a sports band and don't want to pay $200 this is the one.
    Rochelle Humphrey-Burton
    Very nice gift
    Aaron T Wills
    It fits my hand very well??it is very useful and beautiful to wear. It is very easy to install and use, has a long battery life. The charing is hiding in the watchband, which is convenient. I like this design that I do not keep the line. The touch screen is sensitive. I feel the quality is very well which very matches this prise. I like this watch very much. Highly recommend it.
    Ayana Cullen
    This step counter is light weight and yet packed with so many functions.I have had this step counter for five days now. I have it on nearly all the time day and night.First, it can serve as a watch with both time and date, but much slimmer and lighter than a traditional watch. You don't even feel it on your wrist.Second, it records and shows your steps, calories burned, heartbeats, blood pressure and sleep time on the small and sharp screen.Third, the H Band app is easy to download, install on my cell phone and get synced with the wrist counter. The app provides a nice clean dashboard that you can check your stats for the past few days, like steps taken, sleep patterns, etc. It amazes me that it shows my deep and light sleep time patterns for the night.Last, I have charged it only once five days ago, and the battery indicator is over half full.I have yet to explore other functions of the device, I hope it will give me more surprises.
    thedora austin
    My wife wears this every day, she loves tracking the many different things it monitors. it's working fine.
    Barbi Bianchi
    My wrist is thin, but it fits my hand very well. I don??t need to do extra adjustment for me thin wrist. It can almost fit any size wrist. Very good!It's beautiful and looks fashionable. What surprises me most is the ability to change language settings. When it connects to the app, it can change to the language I want. Touch screen is sensitive. Highly recommend it.
    Mihai Filip Beletei
    It only takes me ten minutes to be sophisticated in its using. the running apps in phone always make the inaccuracy date which bothering me until i get this stuff
    Tony Gwyn
    It??s really an amazing product. Easy to use and the data are accurate. 5 stars!! . I will recommend this because it??s really good and the quality is excellent. The heart rate is really helpful because my heart rate is not stable so this product really help me!
    Very good product with such a priceEasy to set up, simple to use Long lasting battery, easy to controlIt keeps the track of my life and let me know more about my status. It works pretty well with the app, and is very convenient to wear. I even wear it during sleep.Anyway I really love this smart watch !
    Carol Hubbell
    I purchased this product a couple of weeks back. I was looking for a budget smartwatch for a while and found this on Amazon. Compared to other smartwatches in this price range (e.g. Mi band etc) this has a lot of features. This has a decent display and has the ability to track the number of steps, sleep time, quality of sleep, heart rate etc. I would say this has all the features of an expensive smartwatch. With regard to the battery, at least for now, a full charge would hold up for more than a week.The thing I like the most is the Android app that comes with this (there's an apple app as well, but I haven't used it). The app is neat, and it syncs with the device pretty easily. I'm highly satisfied with this purchase, I bet you won't find any better smartwatch for this price!

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