ZURURU Earbuds Headphones

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  • Touch Control
  • Ergonomical Design & Snug Fit
  • Auto Power On/Off & Instant Connection
  • Widely Compatible
  • HD Stereo Sound
  • Instant Connected
  • Stereo & Mono Mode
  • Widely Compatible
(120 customer reviews)


HD Stereo Sound

HD stereo sound gives you unparalleled music experience. Bluetooth 5.0 ensures solid connection and zero-distraction performance. Get lost in music and let music power your workout with these Bluetooth headphones.

Ergonomical Design & Snug Fit

Ergonomical design allows an ultimate wearing comfort for active lifestyle. The earbuds always stay comfortably firm in place and not easy to fall out from ears. With the advanced noise reduction technology, it diminishes background sound and provides a superior listening experience.

Instant Connected

ONLY remove the Left and the Right earbuds from charging box simultaneously and they will pair with each other, then “W1 ” automatically appear on your smartphone. In a matter of seconds, you are in your euphonic music world.

Touch Control

Earbuds are touch-controlled. One-key operation, convenient and fast.

Sweat and Splash Resistant

Sweat resistant coating protects speakers from sweat, rain or splashing when exercising or wearing during outdoor activities.

Auto Power On/Off

Equipped with one-step pairing technology, just take the left and the right earbuds out from the charging box, they will automatically power on and pair with each other. The earbuds will automatically power off and be charged once they are put back in the charging case.

Lightweight and Portable

Compact and lightweight charging case stores and protects the earbuds when not in use and easily fits in your pocket.

Stylish and Super Comfy

Extremely lightweight (0.16 oz) and ergonomic in-ear design with 3 size of ear tips to ensure your headphones stay comfortably firm in place and improve the experience on sports

Super Light Weight & Hassle-free listening

Light weight at 4.5g per earpiece provides you the maximum comfort and snug fit without slipping or falling out through all your workouts.

Continuity Play 200 Songs or 10 Movies

Charging box capacity: 1000 mAh. Headphones play time: 3.5 Hours. Totally play time: 28 Hours Standby time: 100 Hours.

Widely Compatible

ZURURU Wireless Earbuds W1 compatible with all bluetooth functional devices ( ios/Android/Windows phones and tables/laptops/TV)

Stereo & Mono Mode

Use both Bluetooth earbuds together as a pair to immerse yourself in music in stereo mode or use one earbud alone in mono mode so that you can pair the two earbuds with 2 devices separately

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 3 cm

120 reviews for ZURURU Earbuds Headphones

    ZURURU Earbuds Headphones photo review
    Bridget cave
    I'm happy that I ordered this , at first I was sceptic but then when I tried it it was really worth a try . It??s sleek , sound is really clean , good and it's easy to use . Very Comfortable to wear it fits my small ear . I??ll be purchasing one again for a gift .
    Thomas John
    These earbuds are unbelievable for this price. The case is a lot thinner than many other styles and the saucer shape helps it fit comfortably in a pocket. The earbuds were easy to pair with my Android phone and the sound was much better than I expected. I'm so glad I tried these before dropping 4x the money on a high-end pair.
    Quannesha Trimble
    I started using these buds 4 days ago. Fitting and appearance is 5 stars! No dangling like AirPods. For me the volume is perfect, the buds by themselves isolate you a lot, it reduces a lot the background noises, so when you play music, shows or movies, you can listen perfectly fine with literally no background noise to disturb you. Automatic repairing as soon as you remove the buds out of charge box is awesome. I am so impressed! These are worth way more than you will spend on them!
    ZURURU Earbuds Headphones photo review
    ZURURU Earbuds Headphones photo review
    ZURURU Earbuds Headphones photo review
    Gary Walton
    These earbuds are so compact, they are probably smaller than a quarter, but they pack so much punch. The noise cancelling properties are amazing, and the sound quality is better than I could have expected with such an expensive price compared to the prices of other wired noise cancelling headphones and wireless earbuds. The carrying/charging case is also of a nice quality, and they seem to hold a charge for a good amount of time, at least I have not experienced running out of batteries, and they charge quickly. I am very satisfied with this purchase!
    ZURURU Earbuds Headphones photo review
    ZURURU Earbuds Headphones photo review
    ZURURU Earbuds Headphones photo review
    Erin Rich
    I normally have a probably with the way earbuds sit in my ear. Even when I change the earpiece, they usually end up causing pain after a short time. I did not have that problem with these earbuds. They fit so nicely in my ear! They were snug, in a good way, and did not cause any pain whatsoever. The established connection between my phone and the earbuds was great. It took me a little getting used to to figure out the touch sensitivity on the buds to make the volume higher and lower. No fault of the product. The sound quality is very good and during phone calls, there were no complaints from the person on the other end of the line. These are a great alternative to the higher priced, name-brand ear buds!
    ZURURU Earbuds Headphones photo review
    Felicia Cannon
    They were very easy to unpackage, and intuitive to put on. I've tried one of one my friend's wireless earbuds (Jabra) and they fit exactly the same way into my ears, and were pretty comfy (not too difficult to put on and is pretty secure) In addition, I liked that it turned on as I put it in my ear, and pairing the earbuds to my phone was pretty simple compared to other bluetooth earbuds that I've had.I did chores and commuted on the train while wearing these earbuds, and they seemed to be pretty noise cancelling as well. I especially like how they don't fall out when you exercise, and you can just connect one earbud but when both earbuds are used they sync up and you can tap on them to change the volume and skip through songs. The magnetic charging case is also a very nice bonus.The one downside that I've had so far is that if I'm further away from my phone, the connectivity sometimes drops, and it tries to pick back up
    ZURURU Earbuds Headphones photo review
    ZURURU Earbuds Headphones photo review
    ZURURU Earbuds Headphones photo review
    ZURURU Earbuds Headphones photo review
    Honestly, I was skeptical about ordering these. Turns out, it's extremely worth it for the quality. The earbuds remain in place, and don't fall out at all. Sound in them is surprisingly good for the price. Using them for phone calls is really great as well. A little too great due to it picking up background road noise when I drive. Outside of that, they're perfect for me. If battery life is one concern, what you can do is get up to 8 or more hours of life by using one side at a time, while keeping the other inside the little charging case. These little things are very worth the price, and haven't had an issue with them. Other than learning that you have to keep them in the charging case for a short while for the 2 earbuds to pair with each other again, if you had each earbud connected to 2 different devices simultaneously.
    Mehedi Rahman
    So far I love these Wireless Earbuds by ZURURU. I've been searching for an amazing pair of earbuds for about five months now. But I did not want to spend over $100 bucks. These earbuds have to be hands down the best I've tried so far. The connect flawlessly to my android phone (S10). I've also tried them with my partner's iPhone and they worked just as well. The battery life on these has so far been very impressive. The sound, in my opinion, holds it's own when up against other brands. I can't hear others when I have the volume about half way. The buds are physically smaller than I anticipated them to be, which is something that caught my eye right out of the box and I fell in love with that.
    ZURURU Earbuds Headphones photo review
    ZURURU Earbuds Headphones photo review
    ZURURU Earbuds Headphones photo review
    Ryan Smith
    This is my first set of wireless earbuds. Took a little getting used to, but I like how convenient they are. No untangling, easy to put in my purse. Sounds is good and the battery is long lasting. Good quality, good sound. As I become more adept at using them, these are my first choice when I listen to music or use for my phone. The noise cancelling has been very helpful, especially when I am wear them in the office.
    Kelly Tripp
    The sound quality is good but the volume is not as loud as I would , like good product for the price
    I originally purchased these buds for getting music and navigation while riding my motorcycle, but since it's still pretty cold out I hadn't been able to use them under those conditions.That being said, yes these buds do block out a lot of noise when off, and when you have some tunes playing you won't hear your boss talking to you even when they are standing right next to you. Also I'm very impressed by the sound quality!The battery life of the buds are ok, I seem to get 3-4 hours of straight music. This isn't a problem for my purpose of use as I won't be riding my motorcycle for more than 3 hours at a time.All in all, I'm pretty impressed. The setup took just a minute and was really straight forward if you read the instructions. For the price, I couldn't be happier with them.
    ZURURU Earbuds Headphones photo review
    These buds are VERY comfortable and stay in place pretty good. I usually use them while working out have NO problem with them falling out. The charging case is REALLY convenient and I like how small it is! The sound is clear. There is a good seal between the ear and most ambient noise, but you still can hear important things. Just glad to finally have comfy, running earbuds that give me satisfying sound. I highly recommend these, especially for the price.
    Cassandra R Jones
    Good fit great product for price also only bluetooth headphones I've ever used very pleased
    Ilse Dremel
    I think they are very good for the price. Deff wouldn't buy airpods knowing they have quality earbuds for the low prices.
    Justine Snyder
    These are pretty dang good for the price! I'm happy with them, they are a good fit for smaller ears as well.

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