ZURURU Pedometer

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*Pedometer for walking with large display, clear and easy to read, no need for Bluetooth, smartphone and app connection, easy to operate, full-featured and very user-friendly for men, women, kids and the elderly.
* This step counter offers a 7-day memory function to record your daily exercise data, including steps and miles, with which you can review and analyse your results for the week.The 10-step error-proof function is used to exclude other non-exercise data, providing more accurate tracking.
* This pedometer uses 3D 3-axis sensor technology that is more accurate than most regular counters. It also has a goal setting feature so you can set yourself goals every day to improve your fitness while staying motivated.
* This step counter for walking is compact, lightweight and easy to carry, and you can choose different ways to wear it with the detachable clip and lanyard.
* With an extra-long 12-month lifespan, you’ll enjoy up to a year’s worth of service.




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