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Your support request has been sent and the support team has been mobilized ! We aim to respond to all support request within 24 hours.(Please also check your junk mailbox in case the email got delivered there.) Thanks!

In the meantime, please check out the FAQ below for answers to common queries and see our ultimate guide for troubleshooting steps and tips.

The most common problems are
a) the wrong end of the tracker body has been inserted into the USB socket and
b) the gold coloured charging strips on the tracker are not facing the 2 charging contacts inside the USB socket. [Video Guide]

Date and Time are set automatically when you pair your tracker to your smartphone during the set up process in the app.

Your tracker will automatically track how long and how well you sleep. Stats of sleep quality can be viewed in the app. Generally, you can read the stats 10-30 minutes after you wake up for data to synchronize with phone.

Open H Band App, Tap Mine > Y39 > Settings of main interface style (or Mine > Y39 > Dial settings) [VIDEO]

1. Make sure you have enabled the contacts permission in your smartphone.
2. Make sure you have enabled SMS permission in your smartphone.
( Set it in App: Mine>Help)

To view your blood pressure on your tracker, scroll to the blood pressure page (by tapping the function button). Wait around 25 seconds for your blood pressure readings to appear on your tracker.

If you want to get the readings of BP each hour in the app, please switch the BP monitoring to automatic ( Y39 > Switch setting > BP automatic monitoring – enable). [VIDEO]